All students are expected to be at school and in their classes on time before the tardy bell rings.

1.    Students should report directly to the Attendance Office or Lobby Desk when arriving late to school.

2.    Students should bring a note from a parent and/or guardian indicating the reason for the late arrival. Include a phone number of the parent and/or guardian for verification. After ten (10) parent notes for tardies and/or absences, students must bring a doctor's note or the tardies and/or absences will be unexcused. For any forgotten note, the student will have one (1) day to bring it in. Please Note: Appropriate consequences will be given for any unexcused tardies.

3.     Attendance personnel will classify the tardy as excused or unexcused and issue a pass to class.

Unexcused Tardies

All students are allowed six (6) unexcused tardies without penalty per semester. Once a student reaches the limit of six (6), the following consequences will be issued:

1st - 6th unexcused tardies - warning
7th unexcused tardy - The Cave (silent lunch)
8th unexcused tardy and any additional unexcused tardies*

*If a student does not serve his/her consequence(s) when assigned, consequence(s) for that student will progress to the next level of consequence. These consequence(s) may be, but are not limited to: multiple days of The Cave, discipline referrals, in-school suspension(s), out-of-school suspension(s), etc.