Possible dates for 2020 Prom are: 3/21 and 4/25

8pm – 11pm 

Location is TBD

Dessert and refreshments will be served.

In order to encourage students to learn the value of commitment and planning as well as allow for better transparent communication, organization, planning and expense management associated with the annual Spring Fling, please read this!

The payment schedule for the 2020 Prom year will be:

April 1 through May 1, 2019 - Spring sale - $50 for the first 100 tickets sold.

Beginning July 22, 2019 - $55 for next 100 student tickets sold

Then, the price will increase by $10 and be sold in 100 student ticket increments until one week before prom.   

Guest tickets:

  • MUST be purchased by the MV student (who has already purchased their own ticket) and must accompany that person at the door.
  • May only be purchased only for MV 9th and 10th grade students on track to graduate OR students/graduates who do not attend MV under the age of 21
  • DO NOT PURCHASE A “GUEST TICKET” FOR A MV JUNIOR OR SENIOR – they must purchase their own “student ticket” on MPP.
  • New for 2020: Guest (date) tickets can ONLY be purchased through MPP as the guest waiver MUST be electronically signed by the parent/guardian of the MV student responsible for the date/guest.  
  • There will be NO cash guest ticket sales during the week of prom for anyone who does not attend MV (only MV 9th and 10th graders will be eligible for a last-minute guest ticket).
  • ONLY ONE GUEST ticket per student ticket is allowed.

Guest tickets will follow the same-style payment plan.  That is, they will be $50 for the first 50 sold, then increase by $10 for every additional 50 sold.  Date tickets will go on sale on MPP on February 1st, 2020.

All tickets will be $100 cash only the week of prom – Monday through Wednesday - ONLY

The LAST DAY to purchase a 2019 Prom student or date ticket will be the Wednesday before prom.


Remember, PROM is an optional event.  It is not required.  

Prom ticket fees/payments are NOT part of Senior Dues. 

Tickets are not refundable and not transferrable.


Thank you so much for making 2019 Prom a huge success.