Fine Arts

The Mountain View High School Fine Arts Department is comprised of Music, Dance, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts.  Our staff includes: Mrs. Paige Betts (Orchestra/Guitar); Ms. Megan Zwitter (Visual Art); Ms. Micki Ankiel (Theatre); Mrs. Kris Kimmel (Dance); Mrs. Jane Boyett (Visual Art); Mr. William Owens (Band/Music Technology); Mrs. Renee Wicker (Chorus/Music History); Ms. Tracey Ferns (Visual Arts).  

Courses taught in Band, Chorus, Dance, Drama, Orchestra and Visual Art include 2D Art, 3D Art, Pottery, Drawing and Painting, Photography, AP Art, Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, Introduction to Theatre, Acting, Advanced Drama, Musical Theatre, Intro to Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance, Beginning Chorus, Intermediate Chorus, Advanced Vocal Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Guitar, Music History, Percussion Class, Concert Band, Wind Symphony, & Music Technology.   

In addition to the many courses offered, the Programs at Mountain View offer students the chance to perform or demonstrate their talents publically each semester.  Each semester, performances include Choral, Orchestral, Theatrical Productions, Dance Concerts, Marching Band, Jazz Band and Concert Band, Art Showcases.  For more information or a detailed listing of all upcoming performances, please visit the teacher website.  As a Department, our goal is to create and foster a Culture of Artistic Excellence for all who wish to participate.

Students also have opportunities to excel and be rewarded through memberships in various Arts based Honor Societies.  With active chapters for National Art Honor Society, International Thespian Society, National Honor Society for Dance Arts or Tri-M National Music Honor Society – there are several organizations that reward and recognize the outstanding achievements of our artistic students.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Fine Arts Department at Mountain View, please visit the teacher’s website and contact them today!