College, Career, & Scholarships

What is the DEN?


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Whether you plan to attend college, technical school, a university or head straight into the job market, all students can benefit from the resources available in the Career Room. The Counselors will work to assist you in meeting all of your college and career needs as you prepare for your future. Our goal is to provide you with an informative and inspiring guidance program. We look forward to getting to know each of you personally and exploring your career options!

Focusing on self directed career searches, students are able to do the following:

Take Career Assessments
Complete College Applications 
Receive Assistance with Admissions Processing 
Attend College Recruiter Visits 
Obtain Financial Aid Information 
Attend College/Career Fairs 
Schedule College Campus Visits 
Obtain SAT/ACT Preparation Materials 
Receive SAT/ACT Waiver and Registration Assistance

The Counselors will:

Conduct Classroom Career and Academic Advisement activities
Provide Senior Scholarship monthly Newsletters
Assist with Preparing Effective College and Scholarship Applications 
Arrange College Visits to the High School and to the Campus
Facilitate one-on-one meetings with College Admissions Counselors and Students
Coordinate Military Visits

Parent Conferences are available upon request.   Please feel free to contact us by telephone at (678) 407-7604.  


Fall of Junior Year

  • Take the PSAT
  • Attend college fairs in the area

Spring of Junior Year

  • Take the SAT I or ACT
  • Begin deciding which colleges to apply to

Summer Before Senior Year

  • Visit colleges of interest to get a feel for campus life
  • Begin preparing college applications
  • Begin looking for scholarships in your schools career room or on scholarship search sites.

September– November of Senior Year

  • Submit 4 college applications
  • Take SAT/ACT for the second time

December of Senior Year

  • Expect to begin receiving decision letters from the colleges to which you have applied
  • Verify that residency status, address, and immunization status are correct
  • Search the college website for scholarship opportunities within that school

January of Senior Year

  • Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Form
  • Take campus tours of final college choices
  • Speak with financial aid offices of colleges
  • Submit scholarship applications

May of Senior Year

  • Request final transcript
  • Make room deposit to chosen college
  • Check with the financial aid office of your college to make sure all documents required have been received

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