Volunteer Opportunities
         There are several groups that work toward community service at Mountain View High School.  There is a Key Club, H.O.P.E., and many different subject-related honor societies, plus groups that are just looking for volunteers for occasional help.  Please contact these groups for information on ways to start serving your community.  If a group contacts me asking for volunteers, I will be forwarding their contact information to the Key Club.

Logging and Requesting Your Hours    
All students will be able to submit their hours through the forms on my bulletin board (outside my room, 1.006 in the basement).  OR you can print it off this website as well by clicking on the underlined aforementioned word.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Please keep in mind that I just count the hours, I am not always the club in charge of how the student received them.  If a student logs community service hours with their club (Beta, Girl Talk, sports, etc.), but they do not also log them with me, I will have no record of said hours.  Thank you.

    If you would like to request an email that shows the number of hours you have, you can do that HERE.  I answer these emails at the end of each week.  Sometimes, I get behind due to high volume of requests, so do not repeat the request unless you have been waiting for more than two weeks...

Due Dates and Important Information
         We count hours via a calendar year (i.e. all of 2015, all of 2016, etc.).  Therefore, incoming freshmen can count the second semester of their eighth grade year, and outgoing seniors stop counting at the end of first semester.  The only exception to this rule is seniors who are participating in Senior Samaritan.  There is no hard deadline for turning in hours.  Students can turn them in throughout the year, or all at once at the end of fall semester.  We typically make an announcement for the first two weeks we are back in school in January asking for students to turn in their hours so that we can total for the awards ceremony.  They can continue to turn in hours after that time, but that cut-off (in January) is what we go by when calculating awards and cords for Seniors.

Needed to get the Community Service Patch/Pin – 40 hours per calendar year

Needed to get a Community Service Cord at Graduation – 160 hours, cumulative (that is all added together, regardless of which years you got them in)

There are additional awards your senior year for getting more than 500 hours and more than 1000 hours.