The Assessment Office is responsible for all testing related to successful performance at Mountain View.

  • Those tests include the End of Course Tests (EOCT's/Milestones), Gateway, District Assessments (DA's), SPG's,  and other similar tests if necessary.
  • Information regarding standardized tests used for post-secondary use, such as SAT, ACT, etc., can be found in our Counseling Office.
  • Information regarding Advanced Placement Tests and MVHS Semester Final Exams can be found in the Curriculum Office.

Assessment questions can be directed to or



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Assessment Summary



Pre>Interim>Post- District Assessments support formative assessment practices. Each Assessment is given once every 9 weeks to help teachers understand how to better instruct their students so they might understand their learning.



The assessment is called the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA), which is a school-level assessment based on the internationally recognized Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).  The OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) will provide school-level results that can be benchmarked against other participating schools across the country and internationally, and allow for appropriate comparisons with international results from the worldwide PISA assessment. Unlike assessments used by states for accountability purposes, the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) is not intended as a high-stakes test used to judge schools’ performance on a set of curricular or performance standards.  Rather, it provides a school-level measure of students’ performance in the higher-order skills in reading, mathematical, and scientific literacy necessary for their future success and ability to compete in a global economy.


The easiest way to find scores for most assessments administered at MVHS is to go to the assessment tab in the Parent Portal.  All assessments that have been uploaded will be shown there.  If you need additional information concerning scoring, please contact the assessment office at MVHS using the contact links on this webpage.  Please note that scores for most NATIONALLY STANDARDIZED ASSESSMENTS, like ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP will be accessed through these organizations.


  • The PSAT is administered free of charge to all sophomores at MVHS during the Fall Semester. Freshman and Juniors may register to take PSAT for a $16 fee. Freshman or Juniors at MVHS can register for the PSAT through Those who wish to register, but are not students at MVHS, will need to register through the Assessment Office at MVHS.

  • There is no make-up administration for students who are absent for testing. This test is excellent preparation for the Scholasic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is required by colleges and universities. Eleventh grade students must take the PSAT during their junior year in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

SAT - 

Students wishing to take the SAT must pay attention to some important changes. Students cannot:

  • Take the SAT without registering online by the due dates (i.e., no "standby").
  • Sign up for one testing location (i.e., MVHS), but show up at another location (i.e., North Gwinnett) (i.e., no "test center change").
  • Sign up for one test date, but show up at an earlier or later test date (i.e., no "test date change").
  • Test without a registration ticket (the ticket will now include a photo of the student which the student uploads during online registration).
  • Sign up for the SAT I, but decide to take the SAT II (or vice versa.)
  • Each student will need to upload a photo of him- or herself when he or she registers online.

SAT Dates & Times

For more information on the SAT, check out College Board.